Acton Parking Update — We Still Need You!

Thank you so much to our valued patrons and friends for your unprecedented support for our parking situation in Acton. We wanted to provide you with an update, as so many of you have kindly asked for one. If you have not seen or signed the petition, you may do so here.

This week, we are applying to the Zoning Board to grant us a variance to allow us to use the existing gravel lot for additional parking spaces. Once they have processed the application (within 65 days), they will notify us of a time and date for a public hearing, which we will then share with you all. This hearing will be online via Zoom, so will be more convenient to attend. We would very much appreciate your support at this hearing if you are so inclined!

We will also be sending out this information via our monthly newsletter, so if you don’t want to miss it, feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter here – and don’t worry, we aren’t spammy – we only email once per month.

Again, thank you so much for your incredible support. We are so grateful to you all!