ACTON: New Hours, New Menus!

We are so excited to be opening back up for lunch starting June 30, with a new menu coming out on July 3. We have brought back some of your favorites, have improved on some items you have requested, and have some brand new items from the ever-amazing Chef Victor, who is an amazing addition to our team (dare we say he’s the macaroni to our cheese?!)

New Hours:
Monday-Saturday: Noon-10pm
Sunday: Noon-8pm

New Menus:

Big News in Acton: Head Chef Victor Gonzalez

We are beyond excited to announce that Chef Victor Gonzalez is Acton Table & Tap’s new Head Chef. Chef Victor brings over 25 years of culinary experience to the Rapscallion team. Coming to the United States when he was 15 years old and settling in Acton, Chef began working at Papa Razzi when he was 18 years old. He began as a cook and moved his way up in the ranks to head chef just four years later due to his incredible talent and drive, and he stayed with them for over 20 years.

Chef Victor joined Rapscallion after Papa Razzi’s closing last month, and we could not be more thrilled. His talent and drive are only surpassed by his ability to conceptualize and prepare flavorful, fresh dishes from scratch that delight diners.

We wanted to also take this time to thank you for your patience over the past year. The Acton back of house has gone through a tremendous amount of transition, and we acknowledge that sometimes over the past year we have missed the mark. For those who have been with us for a long time: thank you, and we can’t wait for you to see that the food and service you came to love at Rapscallion is back. For those who only tried us once or twice, we invite you to come back, and promise you will not be disappointed!

Over the past year, our focused goal has been to bring a strong, talented Head Chef to the team that provides consistent, delicious food and superior service, and Chef Victor does all that and more. Visit us and see for yourself!

Cheers, Pete & Ced

Mother’s Day Happenings



What better way to tell Mom you love her than with dinner out at our charming 1700s farmhouse? Raps Acton Table & Tap will be running a very special Prix Fixe menu for $80/pp which includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Not feeling it? We will still have our full menu on Mother’s Day and you can order a la carte off that like any other day. Whichever you choose, we will make your experience truly special.

Mother’s Day Prix Fixe Menu 


Caprese Salad
Heirloom tomato with fresh mozzarella and basil, balsamic glaze, olive oil garnished with Malden sea salt

Rhode Island Calamari
Breaded rings and tentacles, banana peppers, deep fried and tossed with house made garlic butter, garnished with parsley


Chicken Parmesan
Thin cut lightly breaded chicken cutlet, deep fried and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese with fusilli pasta, garnished with micro basil

Portobello Mushroom Burger
Portobello mushrooms soaked in balsamic vinegar, seasoned and grilled stuffed with house-made fire roasted red peppers, topped with sharp provolone cheese, balsamic glaze, olive oil, Malden sea salt, garnished with rainbow micro greens and served with French fries

Flat Iron Sirloin Marsala
10 oz flat iron sirloin with fingerling potatoes, broccolini, topped with a wild mushroom blend and marsala wine sauce


Choose chocolate dipped or traditional cannoli shell filled with house made mascarpone/ricotta filling with hints of Prova vanilla and mini chocolate chip morsels garnished with powdered sugar – a Chef JP specialty!

Chocolate Mousse
Claude’s famous chocolate mousse topped with dairy free whipped topping and mixed berries, garnished with mint leaf and powdered sugar


We are a little more casual in Sturbridge, and that is just what some moms want! We will have our full menu along with drink specials and the following food specials:

Pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoncinis

Chicken Alfredo
Classic comfort food served with homemade garlic bread

Pasta and Meatballs
Served with marinara and garlic bread; can also be done as a sandwich

Cinco de Mayo in Sturbridge and Acton

It all goes down Friday, May 5, 2023

While our Sturbridge Pub has a mix of food options, it does has a decidedly Mexican flare owing to the fact that our Head Chef Onesimo Sanchez hails from the the beautiful country of Mexico. His delicious recipes and fresh cooking style are heavily influenced by his Mexican roots. So of course we are doing a little extra to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Sturbridge in honor of our head chef and good friend Onesimo. And since we are one big family, Chef JP in Acton decided to put on his sombrero and also cook up some specials in honor of Onesimo!

Cinco de Mayo in Sturbridge

Food Specials

Mexican Salad
Iceberg lettuce, onion, tomato, cilantro, el pastor marinated chicken, served with a lime wedge

Tacos el Pastor
Two soft tortillas with pork, onion, cilantro, house-made salsa

Pita Special
Pita with pork carnita, house-made pico de gallo, lettuce, and chipotle sauce

Chef’s Bread Pudding
A Latin take on a traditional recipe

Drink Specials

Mezcal/Passionfruit Margarita


Raps Michelada

Spicy Margarita 

Live Music

Carlos Odria Trio, May 5 from 6-9pm -— see the event listing here

Cinco de Mayo Specials in Acton


Street Corn
Corn rolled in butter, fire roasted, topped with paprika, cojita cheese, cilantro

Beef or Chicken Tinga Empanadas
Braised chicken thighs with potato and Mexican spices, or braised beef with potato, cheese, and Mexican spices


Mexican Rice Bowl
Cilantro lime rice, fire roasted corn, black beans, red pepper, tomato, onion, shredded lettuce, avocado, sour cream, salsa roja, cojita cheese
Add grilled chicken or salmon


Fried dough tossed in cinnamon sugar, topped with caramel sauce

New Hours, New Food, All Locations!

Hi, friends! We have updated our hours for the summer at all locations.

Acton is fully open with a brand new kitchen and menu, and Sturbridge is also sporting a brand new spring menu!

In Spencer, we have some exciting news: Savage Wraps Food Truck is on site every Wednesday and Friday until 6pm! Their food is absolutely amazing and goes perfectly with our hand-brewed beer.

Acton, Spencer, and Sturbridge Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 4-10pm
Friday and Saturday: 12-10pm
Sunday: 12-8pm

Spring 2023 Menus!

Spring is in the air (finally!) — robins in the yard, daffodils in the lawn, and NEW MENUS at our restaurants! These new menus drop this weekend (3/31/23) and we can’t wait to hear how you like our new offerings. Acton has a completely renovated kitchen (and an ah-maazzzzing new head chef!), and Sturbridge has expanded our capabilities with a new oven and additional staffing. Stop by and taste for yourself! We can’t wait to serve you.

Acton Table & Tap


Acton Grand Re-Opening!

As many of you know, our Acton Table & Tap restaurant closed on March 20, 2023 for some much-needed renovations. First, we are installing a brand new septic (hey, it’s not glamorous, but it is important and a VERY big project!). We are also completely renovating our kitchen with a larger hood and all brand new equipment. While we are at it, we are installing all new flooring, painting the walls and trim, and revamping the bar. Phew! So there is a lot going on and we are very excited to share it with you. Which leads us to…

Our grand RE-opening is scheduled for April 3! We have a BRAND NEW menu to go with our updated venue. WE will also have our world famous (ok maybe not the world, but definitely central Massachusetts famous!) homemade root beer on tap for the first time in Acton. This amazing non-alcoholic concoction is made with pure local maple syrup and local wildflower honey. We will also have our brand new hard seltzer on tap!

So there are lots and lots of changes, but one thing won’t change: the same warm, friendly, inviting Rapscallion service and hospitality you have come to know and love. So be sure to pop down and visit us for dinner and a drink or just a beer or two to see the new digs and to welcome in the next era of Rapscallion Table & Tap!


Easter in Acton

Acton will be open Easter Sunday for brunch and dinner, 10am-9pm. Reservations recommended!

In addition to the specials below, we will also be serving our full menu, see here.

Brunch Menu

Corned Beef and Eggs | 18
Corned beef has with fried eggs and English muffin

Raps French Toast | 16
Topped with berries with cream syrup on the side

Easter Quiche | 24
Lobster, goat cheese, and chive quiche served with side of ham

Dinner Special

Spiral Ham Dinner | 26
Choice of fingerling potato or Yukon gold mashed potato, tricolored baby carrots, and broccolini

Our full menu will also be available, see here

Bloody Mary Bar

House bloody mix with choice of spirit: Prairie vodka, Prairie gin, Cabritos tequila | 14

Classic and not-so-classic additions:
Celery, olives, lemon and lime, and extra spicy on us

Thick cut bacon | 2
Shrimp | 4
Vinegar peppers | 1
Bleu cheese stuffed olives | 2
Hard-boiled Easter egg | 3

Bellinis and Mimosas

Classic orange mimosa | 14

Bellini | 14
Choose peach, passion fruit, raspberry, or blueberry

Cocktail Specials

Hollow Bunny (only not disappointing) | 14
Iced Coffee, Vanilla Infused Vodka, Chocolate liqueur, Fresh whipped cream, fresh grated cinnamon and chocolate.

Hop Into It | 14
Mezcal, Aperol, Campari, Orange and Blood Orange

Root Beer Float | 8
Made with Raps homemade root beer
Add vanilla vodka | 8

Hunt is over | 14
Bourbon, fernet branca, chartreuse, crème de cacao, cream

Rapscallion’s Parachute Tables Have a Rich History

Painting of a parachute factory during World War II

Originally manufactured by US factories including Wrights Mill in West Warren, MA, parachute tables were constructed of solid steel and wood specifically for sewing parachutes during World War II, a job typically held by women. Understanding that the parachutes they manufactured would eventually save the lives of the men they loved, female parachute workers worked with extremes of both gravity for the task at hand and pride for their contribution to the war effort. Parachute women were well-respected and appreciated by enlisted people as well as the general public.

The women who sewed and manufactured parachutes maintained a bit of celebrity during WWII

To manufacture the parachutes, sewing machines were bolted through holes in the tabletop, while the smooth, steel surface prevented tears or pulls in the parachute’s silk material, allowing it to be easily and safely manipulated during construction.

Shown are the same type of tables now at Rapscallion being used for parachute manufacture during WWII

Today, these parachute tables are used at our Acton and Sturbridge venues, although the bolt holes have been covered and the original surfaces etched with the Rapscallion R. Otherwise, they are intact. We are proud that these historically significant tables are a permanent part of our decor.


Fun History: Harvard Brewery’s Prohibition Seizure

Harvard Brewing Company in the early 1900s

In 1893, Consumers’ Brewing Company set up shop in Lowell, Massachusetts. In 1898, the decision was made to change the name to Harvard Brewing Company, and this newly branded business successfully expanded its product line, production capabilities, and market reach over the next two decades.

Harvard Brewing Company circa 1900

Prohibition went into effect in 1920 and the brewery’s plans to succeed by selling colas, ginger ale, and near-beer (<0.5% alcohol beer) weren’t working. With failure looming, Harvard executives added the beer back into their near-beer . Profits came back, and so did federal agents, culminating in August of 1925 when a truck filled with 100 barrels of illegal Harvard beer was hijacked in Lowell. As the hijackers were transferring the kegs to their cars, their movements were noticed by the neighborhood. And everyone wanted some of that!

Lowell Sun newspaper front page on August 19, 1925

As reported by the Lowell Courier-Citizen, “As soon as it became known in the locality what was going on, hundreds appeared and surrounded the truck. They all clamored for a chance to secure a barrel of the beer. Men came to blows and bedlam reigned. Besides the men involved, it is known that several women even procured barrels and rolled them along the sidewalks or in the streets to homes thereabouts.”

Due to the ruckus, police showed up to the scene and the mob scattered in all directions. When the liquor squad inspected the back of the truck, they discovered only two dozen kegs still remaining. Tracing the truck to Harvard Brewing, the police called in federal agents from Boston.

In the meantime, police picked one of the hijacker’s cars and chased it almost into neighboring Chelmsford before it crashed in a ditch. Its occupants leapt out and escaped on foot, leaving their precious cargo of two kegs of Harvard beer behind. The car had been stolen that morning by the rum-runners, who were not caught.

Harvard Brewing Company flag icon now incorporated into Rapscallion’s Harvard Lager can

Knowing agents were coming, brewery workers scrambled to ditch the beer, going so far as to dump barrels into the River Meadow Brook, which still runs along the Lowell Connector today. Arriving agents were initially refused entrance to the Brewery for lack of a search warrant. However, upon hearing workers smashing barrels inside, the officers forced the door open and five inches of beer cascaded out over the steps and onto the agents struggling to climb into the building — a veritable river of beer. The workers escaped. Nearly 500 barrels of beer didn’t. The agents had hit the motherload.

The raid was the largest in New England’s prohibition history with over 100,000
gallons of full strength brew confiscated by the government.

Circa 1916 advertisement for Harvard’s Green Label Export Beer, the 1898 recipe that is now Rapscallion’s Harvard Lager